The film’s story begins in 1981 in San Francisco, California. Linda and Chris Gardner live in a small apartment with their five-year old son, Christopher. Chris is a salesman who spends the entire family savings to buy a franchise to sell scanners bones (Bone Density Scanner) portable. This scanner is capable of producing better images than X-rays, but most doctors who met Chris thought that the price is too expensive. Linda, his wife, worked as a laborer in a laundry. This small family began to break up when they realize that they are not able to pay the rent and the bills are piling up. Circumstances are compounded by Chris’s habit that often parked his car haphazardly. Unable to pay a traffic ticket, finally Chris’s car is seized. The climax, Linda leaving Chris went to New York City. Initially he wanted to take Christopher, but failed because chris pleaded.
In desperation, Chris accidentally meet someone who carries a red Ferrari. Chris asked him, what he was doing so that he can buy a luxury car? The man replied that he was a broker. Since that accidentally, Chris decided to pursue a career as a broker.
Chris received an offer unpaid internship at a brokerage firm, Dean Witter Reynolds that promises a job for the best participants. During the unpaid intern, Chris began to run out of money. Eventually he was expelled from the house rental and become homeless. For several days, with his son, he was sleeping in public places, but then he decided to sleep in a halfway house, Glide Memorial Chruch. Due the space limits, they have to queue up to get a room. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes fail and forced to sleep outside. Poverty and homelessness encourages Chris’s determination to carry out duties diligently and get a job at Dean Witter Reynolds.
At the end of the story, Chris succeed to be the best participant and accepted to work there. A few years later, he founded his own brokerage firm, Gardner Rich. In 2006, he sold a small portion of his shares and get millions of dollars from the sale.

Why I loved this movie?
Because this movie inspired me to be persistent and willing to work hard to achieve the goals.
Who’s actor that I liked in this movie?
In this movie of course I like the main actor, Chris Gardner starring by Will Smith.
Chris Gardner, starring by Will Smith is an exceptional father. Although he is abandoned by his wife due to poverty, but he was still fighting for his son to better life . He worked hard in order to earn a lot of money and improve their lives.
I think Will Smith can play the role of Chris Gardner properly so that it can deliver the message very well to the audience.


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